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Heritage Music Press is among the industry-leading publishers of choral music and resources for the general music classroom. Publications under this imprint include octavos for all voicings and in styles ranging from novelty to the finest repertoire for contests and festivals, musicals and collections, game books, manipulatives, Orff materials, and interactive software.

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The Music in Me and You
Mari Schay (Author)

Activate! - Complete Set of Vol. 8
Jeanette Morgan (Editor)

Color By Music
D Weese (Author)

We're Gonna Play Today!
Deborah Imiolo (Author)

New Fallen Snow
Stan Pethel (Composer)
Herb Frombach (Author)

Where True Joy Is Found
Douglas Wagner (Composer)

Lend Me Your Ears
Phyllis Thomas (Author)
Debbie Anderson (Author)

Interactive Now - Vol. 9
Debbie Anderson (Author)

André Thomas (Composer)

Notation Station
Phyllis Thomas (Author)
Debbie Anderson (Author)

Mix & Match Music
D Weese (Author)

Look for the Silver Lining
Jerome Kern (Composer)
Bryan Sharpe (Arranger)

Maestro, Maestro, What Do You See?
Phyllis Thomas (Author)

Multiple Voicings for Middle School Voices
Mary Lynn Lightfoot (Compiler)

Listen and Wiggle, Move and Giggle
Donna Dirksing (Author)

Early in the Morning
Douglas Wagner (Arranger)

The Tide Rises
Henry Longfellow (Author)
Cynthia Gray (Composer)

Interactive Now - Vol. 10
Phyllis Thomas (Author)

Give Me a Bucket
Mark Shelton (Author)

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Brian Hiller

Brian Hiller and Don Dupont are elementary music specialists in Westchester County, New York and professors at Hofstra University on Long Island. They present workshops at national and state music conferences and Orff Schulwerk Chapters around the country and in Canada. They are levels instructors at the Orff Schulwerk teacher education program at Hofstra University. Don holds a BFA in Fine Arts and an MS in Music Education. Brian holds dual certification in both elemen more...