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Heritage Music Press is among the industry-leading publishers of choral music and resources for the general music classroom. Publications under this imprint include octavos for all voicings and in styles ranging from novelty to the finest repertoire for contests and festivals, musicals and collections, game books, manipulatives, Orff materials, and interactive software.

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Make a Joyful Sound
Don Dupont (Composer)
Brian Hiller (Composer)

Activate! - Complete Set of Vol. 7
Jeanette Morgan (Editor)

Sing, Drum, Play, and Strum
Mari Schay (Author)

Music in a Flash
Jeanette Morgan (Author)

Where Go the Boats?
Robert Stevenson (Author)
Mary Lynn Lightfoot (Composer)

Shirley McRae (Arranger)
Michael Bennett (Editor)

Mist on the River
Mark Patterson (Composer)

You Can Dance, You Can Sing
Mark Burrows (Composer)

Just Like Clockwork!
Greg Gilpin (Composer)

Mysterious Mazes
D Weese (Author)

A Field of White
Amy Bernon (Composer)

Music Madness!
Artie Almeida (Author)

I Will Stand Up for You
Ruth Elaine Schram (Composer)
Celsie Staggers (Composer)

Across the Board
Various (Author)

Once Upon a Folk Tale
Linda High (Composer)

What to Teach When - Grades 2-3
Don Dupont (Author)
Brian Hiller (Author)

The Gettysburg Address
Mark Hayes (Composer)

Give Me a Bucket
Mark Shelton (Author)

Viva Marimba
Doug Edwards (Author)

From BAGs to Riches
Paul Corbière (Author)

Jelly Beans and Things
Konnie Saliba (Composer)

T.L.C.: Tunes for Little Children
Konnie Saliba (Composer)

Victor Johnson (Composer)

Interactive Now Recharged
Phyllis Thomas (Author)
Debbie Anderson (Author)

More Music Libs
Dianne Campbell (Author)

Medieval and Renaissance Dances
Isabel Carley (Composer)

The Tropical Recorder
Mary Solomon (Composer)
Jim Solomon (Composer)

It's a Date!
Julie Thompson (Author)
Gennifer Bradshaw (Author)

Multiple Voicings for Middle School Voices
Mary Lynn Lightfoot (Compiler)

Early in the Morning
Douglas Wagner (Arranger)

Earth, Water, Fire, Air
Don Dupont (Composer)
Brian Hiller (Composer)

Composer Image
Mary Lynn Lightfoot

Mary Lynn Lightfoot, who served as Choral Editor for Heritage Music Press until 2014, has an active composing career, with more than 260 published choral compositions, arrangements, and musicals. She has received an annual ASCAP Award for her compositions from the ASCAP Standard Awards Panel since 1988, and was selected an Outstanding Young Woman of America in 1984. Mary Lynn has received two prestigious awards from the Missouri Choral Directors Association (MCDA): in more...